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“Black Lawyers of the Burgh” Book

Table of Contents

Why This Book?

What is the Homer S. Brown Division (HSBD)?

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

  • Derrick A. Bell

  • Byrd Brown

  • Honorable Homer S. Brown

  • Wendell G. Freeland

  • Honorable Justin M. Johnson

  • Honorable Livingstone M. Johnson

  • Eric W. Springer

Living Legends

  • Honorable Cynthia Ackron Baldwin

  • Lena Bryan-Henderson

  • William M. Carter Jr.

  • Honorable Kim Berkeley Clark

  • Jerry Dickinson

  • Paul A. Ellis Jr.

  • Jesse I. Exilus

  • Lisa Freeland

  • Barbara Griffin

  • Jason Hazlewood

  • Honorable Nicola Henry-Taylor

  • Keymo Hoshing

  • Honorable Elliot Howsie 

  • Elizabeth L. Hughes

  • Miracle Jones

  • Ron Jones

  • Gabrielle Lee

  • Jessyca Philippe McCarl

  • Morgan Jenkins Moody

  • Quinntarra Morant

  • Kimberly Motley-Phillips

  • Tyra Oliver

  • Honorable Kezia O. L. Taylor

  • Tony J. Thompson

  • Frank Walker II

  • Kellie Ware

  • Regina Wilson

  • Honorable Dwayne Woodruff

Front Cover of "Black Lawyers of the Burgh"
Back Cover of "Black Lawyers of the Burgh"
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